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The Wealth Maximization Method

Too many financial advisors today focus on rate of return at the expense of everything else. The rate of return is always a focus. It shouldn’t be the only focus. There is another way to approach wealth planning that may maximize income and enjoyment in retirement while maximizing the transfer of tax-free wealth to heirs or your favorite charity.

Phase 1 - Measure Your Income and Wealth Potential

You have to fully understand your tTrue wWealth to truly embrace our methods. Whether it’s through our Wealth Maximization Dinner Series, our Private Client Workshops, or both, our objective is to educate you on strategies for increasing your retirement income while minimizing estate and income taxes for your heirs.

Once you become a client, we will start our relationship by analyzing your current income sources. Knowing the likelihood of outliving assets, prioritizing income streams, and minimizing taxes on that income is the goal of Phase 2.

We will first focus on strategies for maximizing income from your qualified plan assets such as pre-tax IRA’s, 401(k)’s, and 403(b)’s. These are both the worst assets for transferring wealth, and the most opportunistic assets for increasing wealth to your heirs.

Other non-qualified assets such as brokerage accounts, cash, and CD’s, and income- producing real estate present opportunities to potentially receive the same or higher returns with significantly less risk.

Tax free assets such as Roth IRA’s, Roth 401(k)’s, and cash value life insurance present unique opportunities to not only increase potential returns and minimize risk, but significantly increase the amounts your heirs receive.

The goal of this phase is to minimize inheritance taxes for your heirs without any adverse impact on the quality of your own retirement. You will learn how to fully utilize your federal estate and gift tax credits while exploring strategies for leveraging the tax-free value of your estate to your heirs.

This phase focuses on providing the best tools possible for purposes of monitoring wealth and maintaining records for heirs.

Monitor wealth: You gain access to your own wealth portal.

Maintain records: One of the most overlooked parts of transferring wealth is ensuring your wishes are carried out, not only today, but for years to come. When it comes to directing your social capital, we partner with RenPSG, one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the country, to ensure ongoing legal and tax requirements are met. When it comes to your heirs, we provide you with your own digital archive. Everything from wills, trust documents, and advanced directives, to important accounts and passwords will be delivered digitally to your chosen deputies.

What is the purpose of pre-tax qualified plan assets?

Generally speaking, pre-tax qualified plan assets are meant to do one thing:; provide taxable income in retirement while the plan owner is alive. Using them for any other purpose may create unexpected and unnecessary complications.

Many people do not realize pre-tax qualified plan assets are the only assets that are subject to federal estate taxes, federal income taxes, state income taxes, and potentially state estate taxes. This tax liability means that in many cases the true value to your heirs is often far less than the current value of your account.

The short answer is yes. Many highly rated companies are willing to contractually guarantee certain incomes, rates of return, or even asset values at death.

When we work with clients, we consider two distinct phases:, an “accumulation phase” when the primary objective is still some level of growth, and an “income phase” when the primary objective becomes providing a certain level of retirement income. By knowing our clients’ income goals, risk tolerance, and tax situation, we’re able to find options many financial advisors never consider for their clients.

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Get a Complimentary Copy of Our New Book, “The Wealth Maximization Method”!

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